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List of publications:

1) "Measurement of kinematical quantities by an on-line personal computer ", G. Fontana and V. Zanetti from EXPERIMENTS AND ACTIVITIES ON THE THREE LAWS OF DYNAMICS edited by I.C.A.S.E. 1987.

2) "Lense-Thirring dragging of inertial frames by the rotating earth: progress of a proposal for ground based detection" M. Bonaldi, M. Cerdonio, P. Falferi, G. Fontana, A. Goller, A. Maraner, R. Mezzena , G.A. Prodi and S. Vitale - International Symposium on Experimental Gravitational Physics 3-8 August 1987 Guangzhou, China.

3) "Transport of an ion beam through an octopole guide operating in the r.f.-only mode" P. Tosi, G. Fontana, S. Longano and D. Bassi - International journal of mass spectrometry and ion process, 93 (1989).

4) "Lense-Thirring dragging of the rotating earth: Progress on a proposal for a ground based experiment" M. Bonaldi, M. Cerdonio, P. Falferi, G. Fontana, A. Maraner, R. Mezzena, G.A. Prodi e S. Vitale - Atti e Conferenze, Vol. 17 della Società italiana di Fisica, Bologna 1989.

5) "Simple low noise ultra high frequency R.F. SQUID system" A. Cavalleri, M. Cerdonio, G. Fontana, G. Jung, R. Mezzena, S. Vitale - Low Temperature Engineering and Cryogenic Conference LTEC90, 17-19 July 1990 - Proceedings.

6) "Modular multichannel acquisition system for photodiode fluorescence imaging", G. Fontana, S. Forti and R. Antolini, 2nd Conference on "Methods and a applications of Fluorescence spectroscopy" Graz, Austria 14-17 October 1991.

7) "Low Noise UHF Thin Film SQUID with Cryogenic HEMT Preamplifier", A. Cavalleri, M. Cerdonio, G. Fontana, G. Jung, R. Macchietto, R. Mezzena, S. Vitale and J.P. Zendri, SQUID 91 Conference, Springer Proceedings in Physics, Vol 64, 1992.

8) "Planar microwave biased radio frequency SQUID with a cryogenic preamplifier", M. Muck, G. Hallmans, C. Heiden, G. Fontana, M.Cerdonio, R. Mezzena and S. Vitale - Appl. Phys. Lett. 61 (10), 7 Sept. 1992.

9) "Ultrahigh frequency thin film rf-SQUID magnetometer with a cryogenic preamplifier employing a high electron mobility transistor", A. Cavalleri, M. Cerdonio, G. Fontana, G. Jung, R. Macchietto, R. Mezzena, S. Vitale and J.P. Zendri - Rev. Sci. Instrum. 63 (11), November 1992.

10) "Improved sensitivity of planar microwave biased rf-SQUID using a cryogenic HEMT preamplifier" G. Fontana, M. Cerdonio, R. Mezzena, S. Vitale, M. Muck, G. Hallmans and C. Heiden - Applied Superconductivity Conference, August 23-28, 1992, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., I.E.E.E. Transactions on Applied Superconductivity VOL 3. N1, 1820 (1993).

11) "330 MHz SQUID amplifier coupled to a capacitive transducer for gravitational wave experiment" Massimo Cerdonio, Giorgio Fontana, Stefano Vitale, et al - PHISICA B 194-196 (1994) 73,74.

12) "Coreless transformers with high coupling factor", Giorgio Fontana - Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2641, 66 (3), March 1995

13) "A dc SQUID coupled to a high Q electric resonator" Paolo Falferi, Renato Mezzena, Massimo Cerdonio, Giorgio Fontana, Stefano Vitale, Jean Pierre Zendri - Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Low Temperature Phisics, Prague, August 8-14, 1996.

14) "High Q superconducting resonators for impedance measurements" Renato Mezzena, Paolo Falferi, Massimo Cerdonio, Giorgio Fontana, Stefano Vitale - Proceedings of Applied superconductivity 97, Third european conference, The Netherlands, June 30 - July 3, 1997.

15) "The ultracryogenic gravitational-wave detector AURIGA " M. Cerdonio, M. Bonaldi, D. Carlesso, E. Cavallini, S. Caruso, A. Colombo, P. Falferi, G. Fontana, P. L. Fortini, R. Mezzena, A. Ortolan, G. A. Prodi, L. Taffarello, G. Vedovato, S. Vitale and J. P. Zendri - Class. Quantum Grav. 14 No 6 (June 1997) 1491-1494 .

16) "Gravitational Radiation and its Application to Space Travel", Giorgio Fontana - Proceedings of Space Technology and Applications International Forum-2000, STAIF-2000 | "Conference on Enabling Technology and Required Scientific Developments for Interstellar Missions", Jan 30 - Feb 3, 2000, Albuquerque, NM. (USA). American Institute of Physics.

17) "Progress in the development of a position sensor for LISA drag-free control" A. Cavalleri, R. Dolesi, G.Fontana, M Hueller, J. Turneaure, S. Vitale and W. Weber. - Class. Quantum Grav. 18 (2001) 4133-4144

18) "Electro-optical characterization of high-speed Si-PIN photodiodes" F. Corsi, G.F. Dalla Betta, D. De Venuto, G.Fontana and G.U. Pignatel. - Proceedings of MIDEM Conference 2001, 231-234.

19) "Position sensor for LISA drag-free control" William J Weber, Antonella Cavalleri, Rita Dolesi, Giorgio Fontana, Mauro Hueller and Stefano Vitale. - Class. Quantum Grav. 19 (2002) 1751-1756.

20) "Position sensors for flight testing of LISA drag-free control" William J Weber, Daniele Bortoluzzi, Antonella Cavalleri, Ludovico Carbone, Mauro Da Lio, Rita Dolesi, Giorgio Fontana, C. D. Hoyle, Mauro Hueller and Stefano Vitale. - Gravitational-wave Detection Conference, Mike Cruise, Peter Saulson, Editors, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4856 (2003), 23-25 August 2002, Hawaii (USA), pp 31 - 42

21) "Compensated Current Injection Circuit, theory and applications" Giorgio Fontana - Rev. Sci. Instrum. 1332-1337, 74 (3), March 2003. Also available here "" . Read also the "CCI A4 POSTER" .
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Dott. Fontana is among the few in the history of electricity that have invented an electrical bridge.

FB) "Analysis of the Fontana bridge"

22) "Gravitational sensor for LISA and its technology demonstration mission" R. Dolesi, D. Bortoluzzi, P. Bosetti, L. Carbone, A. Cavalleri, I. Cristofolini, M. DaLio, G. Fontana, V. Fontanari, B. Foulon, C. D. Hoyle, M. Hueller, F. Nappo, P. Sarra, D. N. A. Shaul, T. Sumner, W. J. Weber and S. Vitale. - Class. Quantum Grav. 20 (2003) S99 - S108.

23) With a series of papers on AIP proceedings Dott. Fontana has developed the fundamental concepts for building the gravitational counterpart of the LASER.

This unique effort is described in the paper High Temperature Superconductors as Quantum Sources of Gravitational Waves (HTSC GASER), that includes the most important references. Besides any possible criticism related to the real existence of Gravitational Waves and the fate of ongoing big science experiments, all interested scientists and funding sources and organizations should carefully read the paper.  

This is Leon Brillouin’s dream that is going to become real:

“Radio was at a standstill until amplification was invented by De Forest; optics progressed slowly until Townes invented masers and lasers were built by Kastler. Who will now build a GRASER, a powerful amplifying device for gravitational waves?”

Leon Brillouin - Relativity Reexamined, Academic Press,  pag. 103

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